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What’s New

January 13 2022

If you love custom emojis (and we feel certain you do), it’s your lucky day – you can now add, remove, and sync custom emojis from your organization’s Slack, all within the comfort of the creator dashboard. Check out the new Emojis tab in the left-hand nav!

January 12 2022

New changes to the questions tab in the sidebar! Upvoted questions move to the top of the queue, and marking a question as answered moves it to the bottom, andΒ you can declutter your view by toggling whether you want to show answered questions or not.

January 11 2022

We made some quality of life improvements to the way we handle passwords, specifically:

  • Slightly relaxed our length minimums (easier for you!)
  • Deliver visual feedback on whether your password meets requirements
  • Added a show/hide mechanism so you can be sure you entered what you meant to enter
January 10 2022

Welcome to the party! We now send you a verification email when you create a new account, and a helpful welcome email when you create an organization.

January 7 2022

Hex codes no more! Use an integrated color picker in the creator dashboard to set your event’s primary color. (You can still type or paste in a hex code color too!)

January 6 2022

In addition to being able to create new organizations with Single Sign-On, you can now use an email address for new accounts, too!

January 4 2022

We identified some performance issues when using SSO and/or email login – it should now be ~10x faster!

December 23 2021

You can now edit your Chat and Backstage messages.

December 23 2021

Merry Christmas! You can now create a new organization using Single Sign-On!

December 21 2021

It’s now possible to create new organizations right from the Creator Dashboard. You can now also sign into your existing org. with SSO!