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What’s New

December 17 2021

Global sign-in is live!

  • Log into multiple organizations with a single account
  • Added global scope for other familiar features, like password reset and inviting new creators!
December 9 2021

A small profile improvement: when you click yourself in the Audience Bar it takes you directly to your own profile (where you can edit your social links, etc.), instead of just showing your details.

December 8 2021

No more coughing into your mic to make sure it’s working! Any noise greater than complete silence will now pass mic checks.

December 5 2021

Running a timer? You’ll now be able to remove it from the stage directly, rather than from where it was originally set.

December 4 2021

The Add to stage queue button is now a bit more obvious.

December 2 2021

We’ll now re-render PDFs being shown on stage on window resize or when the sidebar is opened & closed, so your presentation will more comfortably fill the stage. More to come!

November 25 2021

We shipped a new Settings tab in the Creator Dashboard, in order to make sign up as fast as possible. If you want to get right to the action, you can now skip things like adding logo, primary color, company name, and so on – so we need to allow you to manage these things.

With this new Settings tab, Admins can:

  • Upload Organization Logo
  • Update primary color
  • Make Company name editable there
  • Apply some controls forΒ primary color input

PS: This view is only accessible to team Admins!

November 23 2021

We’ve posted EIGHT of our favourite “Real Demo Videos of Venue” on Youtube to give everyone an inside look at our features, and tell you a bit more about why you should be using Venue.

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November 23 2021

We’ve made some improvements to our sign up process and password handling.

  • Fixed error messages that weren’t being displayed correctly in the reset password flow
  • On the “Sign Up” page, it’s now possible to check what e-mail you are signing up with πŸ˜…
  • After setting your password, you sign in directly instead of going back to the Login page again
November 17 2021

Some updates on how we handle VPNs and firewalls:

  • The attendee firewall check now uses a mp4 video stream for publishing/subscribing – this is better than the existing attendee firewall check, which only checks for the presence of the attendee in a given channel
  • The attendee firewall check also works for Safari!
  • The speaker firewall check remains the same for now